Friday, 21 September 2018

Too much coffee and not enough Omega 3 – the problems with Croatian eating habits

By  Jul 08, 2018

Although Croatia has a long coastline and the crystal, clear waters of the Adriatic right on its doorstep it is at the bottom of the European Union in terms of fish consumption.

The Croatian Food Agency has recently carried out a survey of Croatian eating and drinking habits and whilst some of the results were to be expected the consumption of fish and seafood leaves a lot to be desired. Only 16 percent of Croatians regularly eat fish and seafood.

Somewhat expectedly consumption of coffee is high, in fact the second most popular drink in Croatia after water is coffee.
The survey highlighted that the average intake of carbohydrates by both men and women is higher than recommended. But on the positive side fat and protein intake is much better because the average intake is only several percentages higher than recommended.

"Although Croatians are thought to be great meat consumers, they are at the bottom of the EU ranking in that regard. Western countries Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy consume less meat than us, while the ranking is topped by eastern countries Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic," Croatian Food Agency director Darija Sokolovic commented.

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