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Energy Observer arrives in Croatia on ecological friendly tour of the world

Written by  Jul 05, 2018

The first hydrogen vessel to sail around the world arrived in Croatia yesterday. Energy Observer was launched in April 2017 and is currently on a tour of 101 ports in 50 countries until 2022. Developed in collaboration with engineers from the CEA-LITEN the boat will test and prove the efficiency of a full production chain that relies on the coupling of different renewable energies.

Energy Observer is currently on its way to Venice and stopped in the Croatian port of Zadar after leaving Kotor in Montenegro.

energy zadar

The 30.5 metre-long and 12.8 metre-wide vessel was developed in cooperation with engineers from the Grenoble-based CEA-Liten, a major European research institute for development of sustainable energy technologies of the future.

The mission called "Energy Observer" is supported by the French government, the European Union and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

This expedition has for goal to reconcile ecology and technology and to prove that it is possible to reduce our impact on the environment without reducing our comfort.

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