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Go on strike and your pay will be docked – Croatia Airlines

Written by  Jul 05, 2018

Following the news from the union that represents staff of Croatia Airlines that they would strike this Monday comes the response from the management.

“Because of the current situation and the damage the strike will certainly cause our passengers, as well as Croatian tourism and economy as a whole, the decision was made that all the vacation approvals for July and August will be rescinded on the day the strike begins,” commented the management of Croatia Airlines.

They added that if the planned strike for 6.00am on Monday went ahead that they would dock the pay of the workers who go on strike.

The strike is planned to be held in front of the main Croatia Airlines offices and at all locations where the airlines carries out activities.

The union is requesting more holiday days, an agreement on a regular flight crew list, increasing sick leave benefits from 70 to 90 percent of salaries, as well as full-time employment for seasonal staff who have been employed for longer than a year, amongst other points.

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