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Croatia declared the best sports country in the world by Bild Screenshot Bild

Croatia declared the best sports country in the world by Bild

Written by  Jun 26, 2018

The German magazine Bild, which has millions of readers every day, has declared Croatia the best sports country in the world.

Croatia deserved that status with extraordinary successes in tennis, water polo, handball and many other sports, according to Bild.

They explain that Croatia has only 4.2 million people, just a bit over Berlin which has 3.5 million. Croatia plays a major sporting role in the world and, given its size, can be said to be the strongest sports country in the world – Bild says.

Bild writes about the successes of Croatian handball players who have been at the top for years, as well as our water polo world champions that are favorites of every tournament. An article about Croatian sports can't miss mentioning some of our biggest stars – Goran Ivanisevic, Wimbledon winner in 2001 and Janica Kostelic, ski heroin with four Olympic gold and two silver medals.

Bild reached to Dino Rada, one of the most famous Croatian basketball players, to see why such a small country has such a significant role at the world sport scene.
-These are our genes, we have talents, young people are more than average, we recognize talents and push them – explained Rada.

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