Saturday, 22 September 2018

HOLIDAY WEEKEND – Traffic jams expected all over Croatia

By  Jun 21, 2018

This weekend will be extended because of two state holidays. On Friday, June 22nd, is the Day of Anti-Fascist Fight, and on Monday, June 25th, the National Day, and many Croatians will use this opportunity to travel. 

That’s why Croatian Autoclub (HAK) published a traffic guide for the extended weekend.

-Our citizens will be traveling on Thursday, June 21st, when the traffic is expected to increase with intermittent interruptions, during the morning in cities and suburban roads, and in the early afternoon hours on motorways and major state roads – HAK explaines.

Crowds are also expected during Friday, June 22nd in the afternoon, and during Saturday, June 23rd in the morning. Returns are expected on Sunday, June 24th and Monday, June 25th, with crowds at the Lucko (A1 / A6) and Zagreb-East (A3) toll stations.

During the return, jams are expected at the borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The crowds are also expected on the Lika Highway (DC1), Adriatic Highway (DC8), Krk and Krka Bridge near the tourist centers on the coast, ferry ports and on some sections where the road works are being done, which due to the beginning of the summer season is less and less.


Unfortunately, forecasters announce very bad weather conditions for Friday and Saturday afternoon. The rapid and sudden change of weather, especially in the west of the country and the northern Adriatic, will lead to major disturbances in regular traffic, both road and maritime. In road traffic, restrictions for certain groups of vehicles are expected and there’s possible seizure of ferry, catamaran and other shipping lines in the area.

-Due to very unfavorable weather conditions, we advise drivers to choose Saturday, June 23rd, instead of Friday, June 22nd for their trip- HAK writes.

They bring some tips for surviving this weekend on the roads:

• Prepare a car for driving
• Always have enough fluid, the best is water and natural juices;
• rest before the trip rest and regularly stop at rest stops during the longer journeys (every 2 hours driving);
• be well informed about the traffic situation at or the mobile application of HAK;
• Enjoy the fact that you are on vacation.




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