Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Traffic collapse expected because of petrol prices protest

By  Jun 20, 2018

Petrol prices in Croatia are at their highest levels for a year, with a litre costing up to 10.20 Kuna. A mass protest was held in Zagreb and all over Croatia on Friday to raise awareness for the rising fuel prices and another will be held today. 

However, this protest my cause a real traffic collapse because the one on Friday lasted about 10 minutes and this one is planned to last an hour – from 3:30 pm to 4:30.

From the City initiative 'Stop the petrol price hike' it was announced that this will be a big action, because from Friday they got a lot of messages from the citizens, waiting to do another protest. They also say that they were contacted by the Ministry of Finance, willing to talk. According to the police reports, 2572 vehicles blocked Croatian roads last week.

They sent a message to everyone who think about joining the action.

-Citizens are self-organizing and take part in the action at their own risk.It is important to provide a road for movement of the emergency, firefighters and police vehicles.In addition to the cars, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, drivers of all categories are more than welcome to join the action... Pedestrians can be as successful as drivers by blocking traffic on pedestrian crossings – it was said from the initiative.

Index.hr contacted spokeswoman of Croatian Police Marina Mandic to check how the Police will react on the protest.

-As for the new protest on Wednesday, we are still calling for respect for traffic regulations because it allows safe and undisturbed traffic for everyone. Police officers will monitor the situation on the ground and will prosecute and penalize offenders who will initiate road stops, as this will endanger traffic and hinder the normal flow of traffic – Mandic said to Index and added that the police action would be directed precisely against the initiators of the car stop, and who these initiators are will be determinated on the spot.




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