Sunday, 18 November 2018

Cocaine consumption in Croatia increases

By  Jun 13, 2018

Consumption of cocaine in Croatia is growing, but there is also a problem with the growth in the number of new psychoactive drugs, for which is not still sure what kind of consequences they have on health - the head of the Government Drugs Prevention Office Zeljko Petkovic said before the thematic session of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Social Policy, at which the European Drugs Report for 2018 will be presented – reports. 

. As in the European Union, there has been an increase in cocaine consumption in Croatia, which is unfortunately much clearer and clearer. In the last two to three years, there has been record production and market bombing with new cocaine quantities - Petkovic said, adding that in recent years there was an increase in opium production in Afghanistan, as well as an increase in raw opium processing in Europe.

With the increase in production, availability also increases, and the problem is also online market.

As a problem, Petkovic has also extracted new psychoactive drugs whose number is growing and whose prevalence according to the latest data is about 7 percent. -About 650 different substances are currently being monitored in Europe, and the biggest problem is that no one knows the consequences of consumption – Petkovic said.

As for marijuana, he said, it is the most prominent drug in the European market, and over 70 percent of the European drug market is related to that drug.

Chairman of the Health and Social Policy Committee Ines Strenja Linic pointed out that the drug market is very complex and requires an interdisciplinary approach.

-In 2016, compared to 2015, the number of drug seizures increased by 25 percent in Croatia, saying that this is something we have to fight and face - she said, reports.




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