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Average Croatian pension just covers the household bills

By  May 27, 2018

From a population of 4.1 million a massive 1.23 million people are retired and receiving a pension. The aging population of Croatia, combined with a migration of young professional workers, means that the over 27 percent of the county are retired, or one of the highest figures in Europe. In comparison 18 percent of the UK are retired and 15 percent in the USA.

Can Croatians look forward to a generous pension in their old-age? According to latest statistics the average pensioner in Croatia is more likely to be worrying how to pay the bills than planning a weekend break by the sea. The average pension in March 2018 in Croatia was a mere 2,552 Kunas, or around €345 or £302 or $402.

1.23 million people received a pension in Croatia in March 2018 and for that figure around 847,000 had less than the average pension of 2,552 Kunas. Whereas at the other end of the scale a little over 49,000 pensioners had a pay-out of over 6,000 Kuna.

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