Sunday, 19 August 2018

The newest Eurobarometer report discovers what Croatians think about European Union

By  May 23, 2018

A new European Parliament survey, published one year before European elections in May 2019, confirms the continued growth of citizens' support to the European Union (EU).

The Eurobarometer survey conducted in April 2018 on a sample of 27,601 respondents from 28 member states reveals that on average 60 percent of citizens believe that EU membership is positive for their country, and two thirds of respondents believe that their country benefits from EU membership. This is the highest support percentage recorded since 1983.

When it comes to Croatia, nearly half of Croatian citizens (49 percent) have neutral opinion about Croatia's membership in the European Union, while 36 percent of respondents believe that EU membership is a good thing for the country (compared to the European average of 60 percent). This is a reduction of 7 percent compared to the October study last year.

That places Croatia on the second place on the list of countries that are least satisfied with the EU membership, just after Czech Republic, where only 34 percent of respondents think that membership is a good thing for their country. Italy is third with 39 percent.

Most of the respondents in Croatia (59 percent) believe that their voice is important in the European Union, but at the same time, 46 percent of them thinks that things in the EU are moving in the wrong direction.

As the priorities to be discussed during the campaign for upcoming European elections, the citizens of Croatia have chosen the fight against youth unemployment (68 percent), economy and growth (61 percent), EU citizens' social protection (48 percent) and consumer rights and food safety (34 percent).

Most of the Croatian citizens see new parties and political movements as the carriers of real changes (72 percent), new solution providers (68percent), while 58 percent believes that these movements and parties are not a threat to our democracy.


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