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Drones to monitor Croatian sea Drones to monitor Croatian sea

Croatia to monitor border with the help of Israeli drones

By  May 16, 2018

Croatia is looking to Israel for help defending its borders with drones. The Ministry of Agriculture has signed a contract with Aeronautics from Israel worth 4.87 million Euros for the procurement of specialised drones to monitor the Adriatic Sea for illegal fishing.

Six unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV’s will be purchased by Croatia as well as a complete logistics system in a deal that will be jointly financed by the European Union.

Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolusic said at the signing ceremony that the system would be used to monitor legal and illegal fishing activities in the Adriatic Sea. It will also be used to monitor the entry of foreign fishing boats into Croatian territorial waters.

"About 60 percent of the time the system will be used by the Agriculture Ministry to monitor fishing activities, while the rest of the time it will be used by the Defence Ministry for search and rescue," Tolusic said. The drones will be delivered in November this year.