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Young Croatians just don’t want to leave their parents nest

By  May 15, 2018

Croatians just find it too hard to leave their parents’ home, finally leaving the nest in their early thirties. According to new statistics released by the European Union data service, Eurostat, Croatians leave the family home the second latest in Europe, only the Maltese stay at home longer.

In the European Union, over one young adult out of four aged 25 to 34 were still living with their parents in 2016. Across the EU, this share ranged from less than 10% in the Nordic Member States – Denmark (3.8%), Finland (4.3%) and Sweden (6.0%) – to about half in Croatia (58.7%), Slovakia (55.5%), Greece (55.0%), Malta (51.5%) and Italy (48.9%).

Young adults in Sweden leave the family nest the earliest at around 21 years-old, followed by Denmark at 21.4 years-old and Finland at 21.9 years-old.

At the opposite end of the scale, young adults in Malta and Croatia remained the longest in the parental household. They left home at an average age of 32.2 and 31.9 respectively. Young adults in Slovakia (30.8 years), Italy (30.1 years), Greece (29.4 years), Spain (29.3 years), Portugal (29.2 years) and Bulgaria (28.9 years) also left the parental home at a later stage.

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