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German companies most desirable employers in Croatia

By  May 15, 2018

The most desirable employers in Croatia are German retail chains and according to respondents crucial factors are harmonious relationships, job security, prospects for advancement in business and salary, showed a new survey of the most desirable employers conducted by website MojPosao on 10,000 respondents.

The most desirable employer this year is the company dm-drogerie, on the second place is the retail chain Lidl, and the third Müller – website MojPosao announced on Tuesday.

Almost a quarter of the respondents says that the crucial factor in the employer's attractiveness pointed is harmonious workplace relationships and 23 percent says that the most important is job security.

One fifth of the respondents say that a crucial thing is the opportunity for advancement in the profession and 18 percent say that the salary is the most important, while 11 percent as the most important factor picked the opportunity for hierarchical progress.

The company dm is the most desirable employer regardless of the degree of education, the age group and the place of residence of the respondent.

On the second place, the respondents with high school chose Lidl, while others with secondary education picked Rimac Automobili.

Candidates that are still in school in top ten employers put Infinum software company, while Rimac Cars are third in the category of respondents up to 32 years of age.

More than a third of the respondents want to work in a private foreign-owned company, while one fifth of them wants to work in the Croatian institution, while 16 percent would choose foreign institution for the employer. The lowest number of respondents, 14 percent, would choose a state-owned company.

In the area of Zagreb and its surroundings, in top ten employers there are Belupo and Zagreb brewery, which are not among top ten employers in other regions.

Among the top ten, Dalmatian respondents included the Tommy retail chain, while those from Istria included Maistra and Jadran Galenski Laboratorij. In the area of Eastern Croatia, citizens put among top ten employers Kaufland and Valamar Group.

Both men and women find the most attractive dm company, with the difference that this company is attractive to one fifth of women and 7.7 percent of men.

The women placed Lidl second, and on the third Müller, who are not in the top ten chosen by men. Men were ranked second Rimac Automobili and Lidl third.

Among top ten employers for men are Microsoft Croatia, Google Croatia, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Atlantic Grupa. For women there are Pliva, Kaufland and IKEA.

For the first time among the 20 most attractive employers there is Valamar Group, while Atlantic Grupa had a significant jump to ninth place from 14th.

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