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International Day of Families – these are the family numbers in Croatia

Written by  May 15, 2018

On the occasion of the International Day of Families, which is celebrated across the world today, on May 15th, the Croatian State Bureau of Statistics has counted, according to 2011 data, how many families there are in Croatia.

According to the numbers from 2011, there are 1,215,865 families in Croatia.

They define family as a community within the same household that consists of married and unmarried couples with and without children, as well as single mothers and fathers with children.

Of the total number of families in Croatia, according to this list, there are 321,933 married couples and 26,252 unmarried couples without children. There are 637,184 married couples with children and 22,634 of those that are not married, while the number of single mothers is 174,517 and fathers 33,345.

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