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Is Croexit a possibility? Is Croexit a possibility?

Are calls for Croatia to leave the European Union just an empty echo

Written by  May 08, 2018

After Brexit is Croexit or Croxit or Croatexit a serious possibility, is the youngest member of the European Union already looking for the exit signs. The third most popular political party in Croatia, Živi Zid (Human Wall), is leading calls for Croatia to rethink its foreign policy and its relationship with the European Union.

At their recent convention the party leaders called for Croatia to end its membership with the EU and even NATO and urged the need to take back the country’s sovereignty. Živi Zid is currently riding on a crest of popularity and is gaining support steadily, whilst the two other two main parties, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Social Democratic Party (SDP) and both suffering in the polls.

The ruling party, HDZ, is reacting to slow to necessary reforms and is struggling to combat the large scale depopulation of the country. Whilst SDP is locked into internal infights without offering a credible opposition to the government. Živi Zid have taken advantage and have lead a campaign against corruption and the reform of public administration. And even though the party was only officially formed in 2014 they have quickly managed to gain favour with voters looking for a fresh approach. In fact, the party was formed out of an activist group that fought against people being evicted from the homes, hence the name Human Wall.

Could their Croexit plan gain popularity in Croatia? In the current state of the nation it is highly unlikely, but then only a select few saw Brexit coming. And even though they are the third most popular political party they are still way behind in terms of members of parliament, having only 3 out of 151 in the current parliament.

However, Croatian MEP, Ivan Jaković, has responded, if somewhat unconvincingly, stating that Europe was not ideal but called for unity. Speaking at Europe Day celebrations held today Jaković commented that “I’m not a Euroidealist, nor am I someone who thinks of the European Union as an ideal creation. Instead, I think it needs to be reformed. But, unlike those who want more discord, I want more unity and a deepening of the European Union.”

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