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Just how happy are you? Just how happy are you?

Turn your frown upside down – World Happiness Report sees Croatians frowning

Written by  May 08, 2018

Looking for a happy life, move to Scandinavia. The World Happiness Report has released a list of the happiest countries in the world and Northern Europe dominates the top spots. The cheeriest country in the world is Finland, followed by Norway and Denmark.

152 countries were surveyed and six indicators were used to rank the countries – income, social support, freedom on life choices, health expectations, trust and charity. Citizens of Norway scored 7.63 points out of a possible 8.

Croatia was further down the list, in 82nd position, with a total score of 5.32.

The United States was ranked 18th on the list, Italy was ranked 47th and Germany in 15th position. Croatia’s neighbours had mixed results, with Slovenia the highest ranked in 51st position, Serbia in 78th position and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 93rd position. The lowest ranked country on the list was Burundi.

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