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More Croatians now live in Germany than Croatia’s second city

Written by  May 07, 2018

Croatia’s demographic crisis continues with an estimated 300,000 citizens leaving to find a brighter future in European Union members over the past few years. According to new research there are now more Croatians living in Germany than there are in the second biggest city in Croatia, Split.

Germany, Ireland and Sweden are the main destinations more migrant Croatian workers and more and more young and highly educated Croats are looking to these more developed EU states for work. However, according to recent reports, many of these young professionals are taking on menial jobs in Germany.

According to official statistics, there were nearly 368,000 Croatians living in Germany at the end of 2017. Federal states with the largest numbers of Croatians are Baden-Wuerttemberg with the city of Sttuttgart in the southwest - home to nearly 110,000 Croatians, followed by Bavaria and its capital Munich in the southeast, with some 99,000. Bearing in mind that Croatia’s second city, Split, has a population of around 320,000 people the number of Croatians in Germany far outweighs it. And as Dubrovnik has a population of only 40,000 it is the same as ten cities’ the size of Dubrovnik moving to Germany.

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