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Lack of workforce in Croatian tourism industry ahead of expected record season

By  May 05, 2018

Indications on the market and the results of sales promise a good tourism year which has already been seen in turnover in the first few months of the year however the problem of the lack of staff is bothering a lot of companies, particularly smaller companies in hospitality, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) said this week. The lack of labour in the tourism sector was one of the main topics at a meeting between the HGK and representatives from the tourism sector. Hospitality and restauranteurs underscored that for months noone has responded to vacancies for waiters, particularly in continental parts of the country, including Zagreb.

Workers are lacking in hotels too the director of the National Association of Hoteliers UPUHH, Ivan Bahunek, said and added that the problem of workers can be felt throughout the tourism world and that Croatia, like other countries, will have to increase its imported labour.

Ivana Maltar from the UHPA - national association of travel agencies - said that the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation too will further burden business in tourism.

Nevertheless, hoteliers and agencies and camps all expect good results this year the director of the KUH -National Association of Camps - Adriano Palman, said as summer capacities in Croatia have virtually already sold out.

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