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Croatian television shows sold to UK and Sweden

By  Apr 28, 2018

Croatian television is going global. Three popular home-grown series have been purchased by Sweden and the UK. “The Paper”, “Rest in Peace” and “Guardian of the Castle,” have been recognised by international television stations and will be broadcast in Sweden and Great Britain.

Guardian of the castle is a four-part mini-series and has been purchased by Channel 4 in the UK and SVT from Sweden.

“I believe we have once again confirmed we can make a globally competitive product,” said the head of the national TV broadcaster, Kazimir Bacic.

The series Guardian of the Castle is set in the 1980’s and is about the Secret Police and the collapse of the intelligence system.

The series “The Paper” was sold to Netflix at the beginning of the year, and “Rest in Peace” was also sold to Channel 4.

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