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Frankfurt Airport invites Croatians to work in Germany

Written by  Apr 18, 2018

The number of people that are leaving Croatia is getting higher and higher. Many of them choose Germany as their destination. The number of Croatians leaving for that ''promised land'' may increase even more after the announcement by the largest employer in Germany, the Frankfurt Airport, in which they are inviting workers from Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria to work there.

The airport employs 81 thousand workers, but that is still not enough, so they are desperately seeking for more people.
-We want to directly address workers in Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia to come and work for us - Michael Muller, Human Resources Director told DPA media agency.

Employees should at least speak basic German and English but, in addition to qualified workers, the airport will also hire those without qualifications. Such will work on jobs that are, for example, baggage-related.

Salary on simpler jobs is between 25 and 30 thousand euros per year gross, and the airport offers cheaper accommodation that does not cost the employees more than 350 euros - Spiegel writes.

In the case of a salary of 25 thousand euros gross, this means that the worker will have around 1600 and 1700 euros net.

People from 88 countries around the world are working at the Frankfurt Airport.

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