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How close was Yugoslavia to sending a man to the moon?

Written by  Mar 21, 2016

''Houston, we have a problem'' is one of the selected movies in the Viewpoints section of Tribeca Film Festival. If you didn't hear about it – it's a docu-fiction movie, a co-production of Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic and Qatar.

This is a big deal for sure, especially if you know that Tribeca is one of the most important festivals of independent film in the USA. It was founded by Robert De Niro with partners in 2012, and the 15th edition of the festival is held in New York from 13th to 24th of April.

''Houston, we have a problem'' is a debut film by the young Slovenian director Žiga Virc, who explores the myth of the secret multi-million contract in which the USA bought the Yugoslavian space program in the early 1960's. With archive footage Virc goes back to the time of the Cold War, the space race and NASA's moon landing.

He combines reality and fiction intriguingly, and leaves it to the viewer to decide what is real and what is fake. In the movie, famous Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek asks a key question: ''What is the truth?''

If you're intrigued, don't miss the official trailer!

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