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New tourist tax prices for yachts in Croatia New tourist tax prices for yachts in Croatia Pixabay

Drastic new price rises in sojourn tax for yacht owners in Croatia

Written by  Apr 01, 2018

Croatian marinas earned around 855 million Kuna from nautical activities in 2017, however this year that figure could be drastically lower as sailors are revolting against a decision to increase sojourn taxes.

The changes to the taxes came in today, the 1st of April, and see taxes rise by nine times, from 1,500 Kuna a year to 9,600 Kuna annually. This new increase of sojourn tax is particularly unfavourable for sailors who pay to keep their yachts in Croatia on an annual basis. "It's a cost of 1,200 Euro plus VAT, all of which is poorly organized and I think we will return to Slovenia to keep the ship there," commented a German yacht owner.

The new sojourn tax for yachts and private boats is organised according to the length of each individual vessel as well as the length of stay of each vessel.

The highest prices tax rises are for vessels staying on an annual basis. For example, for mega yachts over 20 metres in length the new annual tax is 14,500 Kuna instead of the previous 1,700 Kuna, for yachts between 15 and 20 metres the new annual price is 9,600 Kuna as opposed to the former 1,500 Kuna and for 12 to 15 metres vessels the new price is 7,700 Kuna as opposed to the old price of 1,300 Kuna.

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New tourist tax prices for Croatia in 2018 

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