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What do Americans think is the most amazing fact about Croatia!

Written by  Mar 21, 2016

A new video, entitled “Top 10 Amazing Facts About Croatia,” has been released by a popular American YouTube channel Top10Archive.

“Our trip around the globe continues with a beautiful little sliver of Europe, the Republic of Croatia. Located at a crossroad of Central and South-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves – so let's fix that, with our choice of 10 amazing facts about Croatia!” states the Top10Archive.

The Croatian top ten starts with Nikola Tesla in tenth position in the category of famous Croatians, which also includes Ivo Andric, Ruder Boskovic and the pop star Severina.

Croatian cuisine comes in at eighth position with pancakes, kebabs and even burek mentioned. Dubrovnik is also mentioned in seventh position in the category of tourist attractions.

And in number one spot...well we won’t spoil the surprise...check out the video.