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Croatia stands behind Teresa May and expels Russian diplomat

By  Mar 26, 2018

Croatia has stood behind the UK and will expel a Russian diplomat. It what is the largest expulsion of diplomats ever, with Trump announcing 60 will be expelled, Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, has announced that he will expel one diplomat.

21 countries have announced that they will expel Russian diplomats and diplomat staff, with 16 European Union members, as well as Canada, Norway, Ukraine, Albania and the United States. The UK acted first, sending home 23 diplomatic staff, and now the rest of the world has followed. 

This is all in reaction to Russia's alleged use of a nerve agent to poison a former Russian spy living in the United Kingdom.

Prime Minster Teresa May commented that "President Putin's regime is carrying out acts of aggression against our shared values and interests within our continent and beyond. And as a sovereign European democracy, the United Kingdom will stand shoulder to shoulder with the EU and with NATO to face down these threats together."

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