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From keys to ukulele - you wouldn't believe what people forget in Uber

By  Mar 26, 2018

One user in Croatia has managed to forget something in Uber for 11 times, in the UK 19 times, but the record is held by a user from Brazil who has done it 27 times. This data is on the list of lost and found items, which contains the most common and most interesting things Uber users in Europe have forgotten in vehicles over the past year and that has been published at their official website.

The list is quite interesting, since it shows that people can forget almost everything during their ride – from iron to artificial teeth! In Croatia, Uber users often leave cell phones, wallets, keys, clothing, and glasses in the car. Users in Zagreb most often forget and report the lost stuff on Saturdays, in Split on Sundays, while most of the entries were received in Zagreb on December 17th and in Split on February 25th last year.

The most forgetful countries according to Uber are Spain, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and Italy.

Here is the list of lost and found items in Uber across the Europe:
1. Game console
2. Iron
3. Golf club
4. Resignation forms
5. A lawyer's suit
6. Professional kitchen knives
7. Folding bicycle
8. Police ID
9. Music mixer
10. Fryer
11. Wedding ring
12. Artificial teeth
13. Wedding ring
14. Visa Acquisition Documents
15. Wedding presents with a bunch of greeting cards
16. Hair Iron
17. Playstation
18. Inflatable bed
19. Ukulele
20. Coffee machine
21. Work contract signed
22. A small statue of the Hindu deity