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Few tips from the Croatian police for the summer season

By  Mar 26, 2018

The Croatian police sent a reminder that by switching to summer time, it’s no longer necessary to drive with daytime running lights. Exceptions are mopeds and motorcycles that need to have their lights on throughout the year.

The police also warns that more and more bicycle, moped and motorcycle riders are expected due to better weather conditions on the roads. That’s why they are advising the drivers of other vehicles to take care when it comes to overtaking, turning, etc. and not to take their advantage of the passage at intersections.

They also reminded that moped and motorcycle riders have the obligation to wear prescribed, homologated and neatly mounted helmets.

Cyclist, that are riding on the public roads, need to wear a reflective waistcoat or reflective cycling clothing during the night or during the day when there is reduced visibility. Same rules apply to pedestrians that are walking on a public roadway.

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