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Property prices in Croatia continue to drop

Written by  Mar 20, 2016

Property prices in Croatia are continuing to tumble with a drop of almost 1 percent recorded on a nationwide level in February. According to information from the specialized website the house prices in Croatia fell again in February. When compared to the average price in February 2015 the prices a year later have fallen by 1.9 percent.

The only two regions of Croatia to see a slight rise in real estate prices were Umag and Dubrovnik. In February 2016 the average price per metre squared for a property in Dubrovnik was 3,764 Euros. This is an increase of 1.4 percent compared to January 2016 and makes property in Dubrovnik still the most expensive in Croatia.

The capital, Zagreb, also experienced a drop in property prices, falling by 2.7 percent in February 2016 compared to January 2016. The average property price in Zagreb is now 1,246 Euros per metre squared, meaning that property prices in Dubrovnik are three times more expensive than in the capital.