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Croatians just love this herbal liqueur Croatians just love this herbal liqueur

Almost a million bottles of Jägermeister sold in Croatia last year

Written by  Mar 21, 2018

It seems that Croats are very fond (maybe a little too fond) of Jägermeister, the world’s most popular herbal liqueur.

In the past financial year, the G3 Spirits company sold almost 900,000 0,7 litres bottles of Jägermeister to Croatia and once more confirmed its more than a decade-long leading position in the segment of imported alcoholic beverages on the domestic market.

This figure only shows how much Croats like Jägermeister, whilst the sold quantity was for more than 300,000 bottles bigger than the second-placed imported alcoholic beverage.

The new communication platform ‘’Your Jägermeister. Your Story’’ had an important role in retaining its popularity on the Croatian market last year. A new redesigned bottle, a new label and a refreshed logo were presented within the new platform. It was the basis for complete communication with consumers by pointing out that Jägermeister is beside them no matter what, in every occasion, situation and any kind of party they choose.

Last year, Mast-Jägermeister SE continued its growth trend by selling 92,4 million 0,7 litres bottles, which was an increase of around one million bottles at the global level compared to 2016.

Thanks to the long and consistent global expansion that has proved to be the key to winning the title of the best-selling liqueur in the world today, Jägermeister is present in as many as 135 countries with a tendency of constant expansion.

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