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After Dubrovnik, marijuana packages arrive in Hvar

Written by  Mar 20, 2018

Marijuana packages made a fuss on Saturday, when they floated around Dubrovnik. That day, from the early morning hours police boats have been circling the waters around, trying to locate the marijuana that has floated into Dubrovnik and found some, but apparently – not all. 

Today, three days later, two packages were found at the island of Hvar – reports and adds that they weighted 160 kilos!

It is assumed that the packages have been thrown into the sea from their sailboats while transporting it from Albania or Montenegro to Italy.

As writes, the price of so called Marijuana bricks in Albania can be purchased for 100 to 200 euros, depending on the quality and quantity of the purchase, while in small amounts in the summer season people can earn around 5000 euros for one kilo.

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