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The world’s most powerful sports car is from Croatia

By  Mar 16, 2018

The leading German automobile magazine Auto Bild has published the list of the Top 30 most powerful sports cars in the world. And to our pride and joy, the most powerful sports car on the planet is from Croatia.

‘’Concept Two’’ is a new electric car model from the Rimac factory, which was recently presented at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. ‘’The king among horsepower monsters’’, as Auto Bild described Rimac’s model, left behind many famous rivals such as Bugatti and Ferrari.

The Concept Two electric car with 1914 HP and a top speed of around 412 km/h is the world’s Number One among sports cars. The second place is reserved for Keating TKR from 2010, the third is Koenigsegg Reger from 2015, and the fourth is Bugatti Chiron from 2016, whilst the fifth is 9ff GT9 Vmax from 2012.

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