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Despite an abundance of water, Croatian water imports increase

By  Mar 15, 2018

Despite the fact that Croatia is one of the few world countries that is rich in water supplies, the country’s imports of water are growing year after year.

It seems that not all the Croatian rivers, creeks and springs are enough to quench the thirst of the Croatian people but the country has to import water in amount of $10,5 million.

As far as the neighbouring countries are concerned, data are even more surprising. For example, Montenegro’s water imports amount $9,63 million, Serbia’s $2,65 million, whilst Bosnia and Herzegovina imports water in amount of soaring $12 million.

On the other hand, Serbia’s water exports amount $16 million, whilst Croats export water in amount of $14 million.
Considering the fact that cloudy water is becoming more common situation in Croatia, an additional increase of water imports is expected to rise this year.

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