Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Chuck Norris statue in Zagreb Chuck Norris statue in Zagreb

Chuck Norris to protect Croatian capital Zagreb

By  Mar 12, 2018

The legendary American actor Chuck Norris has come to Croatia.

On celebrating his 78th birthday on the 10th of March, a monument of the popular Texas Ranger was revealed in the southern part of Zagreb called Sloboština.

The monument designed by the academic artist Gordan Perković was presented in front of numerous Chuck Norris fans at midnight on the 10th of March after great fireworks and organized birthday party in honour of the famous actor.

‘’This is the first monument of Chuck Norris in Croatia. Our country is just one of many European countries to have such a monument. Chuck Norris now has his sculptural materialization in Croatia’’, commented Kruno Lokotar, the head of the birthday ceremony in Zagreb.

Lokotar also added that Zagreb would become a safer city under the firm hand of Chuck Norris and pointed out to other cities in the neighbouring countries to have monuments dedicated to film fighters for justice.

‘’Mostar has Bruce Lee and now Zagreb has Chuck Norris. However, we will not compete as if we were in ‘’Way of the Dragon’’, said Lokotar.

The celebration of Norris’s birthday took place in cafe bar ‘’Norris’’ in Zagreb. The spectacular presentation of the actor’s monument was followed by a karaoke contest in the dark-eyed look of Chuck Norris as well as a contest in consummation of hot spicy food.




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