Thursday, 20 September 2018
Household costs expected to rise Household costs expected to rise

Croatian citizens can expect a wave of price increases in 2018

By  Mar 12, 2018

A huge wave of price increases is on the horizon in Croatia this year.

Food, waste removal and petroleum products are just some of the things that will face a price increase in 2018.

‘’The banana price has already jumped by almost 50 percent, and a price increase for other fruit will follow’’, claim fruit growers.

‘’We expect a price increase by over 50 percent until the summer months. That is why there is no fruit in Europe or in Croatia’’, commented Frane Ivković from the Croatian Association of Fruit Growers.

However, the price of other food products will continue to grow this year, economists point out.

‘’There are some elements of food products that have stable prices such as bread and fish, however, all other components such as meat have recorded a continuous price increase’’, explained Zvonimir Savić from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK).

Furthermore, due to a new waste management policy, sorting and recycling, Croatian citizens can expect increased figures on their waste removal bills.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy says that there will be no increase in household gas prices for another three years because the state will protect its citizens. Unlike last year, this year the electricity price should not go up.

This summer we can expect a seasonal toll price increase that will, like last year, increase by 10 percent during the tourist season.

Economic analysts expect crude oil prices to rise by an additional 30 percent over last year. However, the Association of Croatian Road Carriers claims that for the time being they do not intend to increase prices of their services and continue this wave of price increases.




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