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Switzerland the most expensive, Croatia in fourth and Austria the cheapest – hotel room rates

By  Mar 11, 2018

Croatia has the fourth most expensive hotel room rates in Europe, with the average price of a room a whopping 135.9 Euro. According to research by the leading agency STR Global into the price of accommodation in Europe the most expensive room rates are in Switzerland with an average price of 192.8 Euro.

The agency investigated accommodation, travel agencies, tourist attractions and prices across the whole of Europe and Croatia came out as the fourth most expensive room rates. After Switzerland, Italy came in second place at 142.8 Euro, followed by Malta at 138.3 Euro and Croatia at 135.9 Euro.

Croatian accommodation is more expensive than France (118 Euro), Spain (114 Euro) and Greece (119 Euro). Whilst some of the cheapest countries were Germany (101 Euro), Great Britain (105 Euro) and Finland (103 Euro). According to the research the cheapest room rates in Europe can be found in Austria which had an average hotel room price of only 101 Euro.