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New Croatian app for reviving Croatia’s history

By  Mar 09, 2018

A new and interesting Croatian application is on the horizon. This time it is about the usage of augmented reality in order to revive a part of Croatia’s rich history.

‘’Croatian Great Men’’ as the app is called and created by the Delta Reality studio, uses augmented reality to revive Croatia’s history and bring a new technology to all smart phone users.

By scanning the Croatian banknotes through the application, three-dimensional animations are launched. They speak, move around and reveal some interesting moments from Croatia’s history.

This technology is already being used in places such as museums where scanning an image through dedicated applications animates the image or provides some additional information about it. However, the Delta Reality team decided to provide this opportunity to everyone, wherever they are without the need to visit a specific locality or a museum.

‘We were pondering about what we could use as triggers, which image anybody could have. We quickly realized that banknotes would come in handy because they have so many details we often overlook. Thus, we were absorbed in creating contents related to banknote motives and designing them in order to revive them’’, explained Darian Škarica, the director of the Delta Reality company.

However, this is just the beginning, as Škarica commented, because augmented reality will be in full swing in the near future and make smart phone screens unnecessary due to augmented reality glasses.

‘’One of the great things that the future of augmented reality brings us is the revival of everything that surrounds us – monuments will talk to us, strange creatures will fly over our cities, and there will be portals to the past in cities. We have already created a few experiments in this area, however, one thing is to see these things on the smart phone screen and completely the other to fully experience it by using augmented reality glasses’’, concluded Škarica.

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