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Mia Negovetić Mia Negovetić

Croatian teenage music star releases single with One Direction

By  Mar 03, 2018

A young teenage music star from Croatia has released the first single in cooperation with Dan Richards from One Direction.

Mia Negovetić, the 15-year old talented girl from Rijeka successfully cooperated with the member and the guitarist of the world popular bend One Direction for seven months. Mia’s first single titled ‘’Trouble’’ was recorded in her hometown Rijeka as well as in Los Angeles.

‘’I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with these people in the United States. I have just finished my single with Phil Simmonds and Dan Richards. I cannot wait to hear what we’ve done’’, wrote Mia a few months ago on her Instagram profile.

one direction guitarist

Dan Richards from One Direction 

Mia Negovetić became popular in Croatia three years ago after winning at the music show ‘’Zvjezdice’’. After that, she performed at the 20th anniversary of the military operation Storm parade by singing the Croatian national anthem. On this occasion, she thrilled thousands of spectators and became popular throughout the country.

Later, NBC producers of the Little Big Shot show spotted her on YouTube and invited her to perform at the show. Mia performed with Beyonce’s song ‘’Listen’’ and thrilled the audience, the show host Steven Harvey as well as YouTube commentators. ‘’You are in Hollywood! You’ve made it!’’ said Harvey to Mia after her performance.

After the NBC show, Mia went to the US again upon invitation of several world largest record labels.