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PHOTO – Plitvice Lakes as you have never seen them before

By  Mar 01, 2018

The extreme cold weather that has hit Croatia has forced many roads to close, close schools and generally completely disrupt normal life. It has also given some unique views of the country’s nature, with the spectacular National Park of Plitvice looking even more incredible.

Snow, ice and sleet have brought a winter face to the most popular National Park in Croatia and we have chosen just a few of the hundreds of “snowy” Plitvice photos that have been published on Instagram.

The winter wonderland of Plitvice Lakes

plitviuce lakes winter 2018 2

Photo by - Ali Xanat 

snow in plitvice lakes 2018 3

Photo by - mi104

snow covered national park in Croatia 2018

Photo by - Riva Travel 

plitvice in the winter

Photo by - Passport Images 



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