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First European cannabis treatment centre is in Croatia

Written by  Feb 26, 2018

As from the beginning of this April, Croatia will become the home to the first cannabis treatment centre in Europe.

The well-known Croatian wellness resort Terme Sveti Martin (Spa Resort Sveti Martin) in the Međimurje County will be the first destination to introduce the first European Canabio centre, where preparations of medicinal cannabis will be used for regenerative purposes.

Even the most sophisticated European countries did not succeed in this venture, however, this small tourist destination in the continental part of Croatia did.

Preparations for the opening the first European Canabio centre are in full swing, a medicinal team is being teamed up and will be ready to provide scientific-holistic recovery services.

The spa resort Sveti Martin is turning towards richer clients from the entire Europe, Russia and Arab countries, to whom they will offer cannabis therapies lasting from one to four weeks. The therapies will be carried out under controlled conditions during which cannabis will be carefully dosed into the body through oil and cocktails.

‘’The dose will be determined upon an individual condition, which will be first examined by blood analysis in a Swiss laboratory. Thus, the best combination of natural preparations for preventive and therapeutic action will be specified. After that, guests will be examined by a specialist and the IQcure Diagnostic Scanner. Our expectations are great; apart from the fact that we want to prolong our tourist season, our intention is to have a share on the health tourism market which is, according to our analysis, worth $18 billion’’, commented Branimir Blajić, the director of Terme Sveti Martin.

The crucial raw material or cannabis will be supplied from Croatian pharmacies, as is the case with patients suffering from cancerous diseases. Great results, as many patients say, are achieved in combating multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, ADHD / ADD.

The Canabio centre at Terme Sveti Martin also points out that research has shown that cannabis most helps people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes and asthma.

‘’The cannabis treatment program also includes walks, cycling and other physical activities as well as the use of thermal water in our pools, which is, according to analysis, one of the most quality thermal waters in Europe. Each guest will have a psychological support followed by an excellent local gastronomic offer and creative Mind & Body programs’’, concluded Blajić.

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