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Steak House in New York with a Croatian secret Steak House in New York with a Croatian secret

The secret of Michael Jordan’s New York restaurant comes from Croatia

Written by  Feb 23, 2018

A restaurant of the legendary American NBA player Michael Jordan uses the most popular seasoning from Croatia.

Michael Jordan’s ‘’The Steak House N.Y.C’’ located in the heart of Manhattan uses the popular ‘’Vegeta’’ as a secret ingredient to its dishes. The restaurant is a favourite gathering spot for almost 10,000 people daily at lunchtime.

Apart from its outstanding steaks, the restaurant is also known for its classic seafood and exquisite desserts.

nyc micheal jordan 2018


Among other things, homemade specialties are a grilled bass with tomato sauce and a New York gigantic French fries that the chef Cenobio Canalizo prepared in front of the Spectrum 79 television channel. In the reportage recorded for the "A Taste of New York" series appeared the most popular Croatian seasoning.

The head chef of the restaurant used ‘’Vegeta’’ in preparing dishes because, as he said, it gives their dishes a richer flavour. "We use Vegeta because it brings a richer flavour to our Mediterranean cuisine dishes and steak. The richness of flavours of various types of vegetables in a combination that does not burden fish or meat, but enhances their freshness and completes the culinary story, motivates me to prepare even better dishes, so Vegeta has become unavoidable food supplement in our kitchen", explained Cenobio Canalizo.

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The restaurant, which is located at the Grand Central Terminal, in the heart of Manhattan in the popular 42st street, attracts many visitors, as 700,000 New Yorkers and tourists pass by the restaurant every day.

‘’Vegeta’’ and other food products from the largest Croatian food company Podravka are exported to the American and Canadian markets, where the company opened its Representative Offices in 2005.