Wednesday, 19 September 2018
VIDEO - Ten things that positively shock tourists in Croatia YouTube screenshot

VIDEO - Ten things that positively shock tourists in Croatia

By  Feb 21, 2018

An American YouTube channel recently released an interesting video about Croatia.

Wolters World specializes in giving first hand travel advices to help travellers around the world to get the most out of their travel experience.

This time the founder of the Wolters World, Mark Wolters, tells a story about Croatia from the beautiful island of Vis.

After visiting the country, Wolters listed ten things that will shock tourists when they come to Croatia, of course, in a positive way.

Therefore, the American fellow listed stone beaches and sea urchins, immense crowds in the city of Dubrovnik during summer months, numerous historic stone cities and historic influences in architecture, the intense heat and sun in summer season, the pride of Croats for being Croats and their care for the country, as well as how tourist infrastructure is well put together, how many people speak English and other languages and how much natural beauties there are in Croatia. The tenth thing that will shock tourists is how affordable it is to visit Croatia considering the abundance of natural, historical and cultural heritage and beauty.

We invite you to check this interesting video and discover the ten shocking things in Croatia by yourselves this summer.





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