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Maksim Mrvica performs at the largest show in China

By  Feb 20, 2018

On celebrating Chinese New Year, China Central Television (CCTV) organized the popular Spring Festival Gala or Chunwan.

The show ''Gala'' broadcast on Chinese New Year's Eve has the largest audience of any entertainment show in the world and this year it brought together two top-class pianists, Muye Wu from China and Maksim Mrvica from Croatia.

The famous Croatian pianist was thrilled with the show and shared his impressions on his Facebook profile.

''It was an honour to participate at the Spring Gala Show and to be one of the few international artists who have ever been invited to perform at this show. With the Chinese pianist Muye Wu, I played my single New Silk Road in front of the largest television audience in the world that counts a billion people. This show is truly spectacular with incredible special effects and includes hundreds of musicians, singers and dancers. It was wonderful to be part of this huge and unforgettable event'', wrote Mrvica on his profile.

In addition, the Croatian audience had an opportunity to enjoy a performance of Muye Wu at the Silk Road Etno Music Festival, which was held at the Pula Arena last year.