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Online bookings rise in Croatia Online bookings rise in Croatia

Digital revolution transforms travel in Croatia – tourists turn their backs on analogue agencies

By  Feb 19, 2018

The digital revolution has been shaping the face of tourism in Croatia for a few years, travel apps, online flight reservations, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, the list goes on and on. And last year was the first year ever that individual tourist outnumbered tourists in organised travel arrangements.

In 2017 the share of tourists who came under their own organisation, and not with the assistance of a travel agency, was almost 64 percent, whilst out of the 86 million overnight stays recorded last year 66 percent were made by individuals.

Travel agencies around the world have been feeling the pinch for years as they basically only cater for older travellers, with the younger generations preferring to book their vacations in a more digital way.

According to evidence from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) the number of tourists who booked their accommodation on an individual basis was 11.1 million in 2017. This figure is an increase of 17.4 percent over 2016 as the digital revolution picks up speed and classic travel agencies become rarer.

And this revolution has also meant that the hoteliers and accommodations owners are better off financially, instead of paying travel agencies a commission they are paying “micropayments” to online booking agencies.