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Ethan Hawke to play Nikola Tesla Ethan Hawke to play Nikola Tesla

Ethan Hawke to star as Nikola Tesla in new movie

Written by  Feb 15, 2018

‘’I don’t care that they stole my idea...I care that they don’t have any of their own’’, were the words of one of the greatest inventors of all times.

Nikola Tesla is well known for his numerous inventions without which the modern world could not exist in a way we know it today. He is an icon of the scientific world, who invented alternating current, wireless signal and energy transfer, electric motor, radio communication, remote control and many other things most people have never heard of and yet they are using them every day.

It seems that the famous inventor is an eternal inspiration for numerous films. According to the latest news from show business, a new film about Nikola Tesla is on the horizon.

After Nicholas Hoult interpreted Tesla in ‘’The Current War’’ and David Bowie in ‘’The Prestige’’, the main role of an innovator born in the Lika region in Croatia will be assigned to the American actor Ethan Hawke.

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Michael Almereyda, who will also direct the film, wrote the scenario for the film about Nikola Tesla. This biographic film will present the life and work of the famous inventor including his rivalry with Thomas Alva Edison and the construction of some of Tesla’s inventions.

The film preparations begin this spring, after which the filming will start in the northern part of the US state of New York.
It is interesting to note that the largest multimedia exhibition ever dedicated to this great man titled ‘’Nikola Tesla- Mind from the Future’’ was opened in Zagreb on the 25th of November 2017 and will remain open until the 20th of March 2018.

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