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Flods are a regular occurrence in Croatia Flods are a regular occurrence in Croatia Pixabay

Croatia leader in terms of economic loss through natural disasters but lack of insurance costs millions every year

By  Feb 11, 2018

Croatia is the leading country in Europe in terms of economic losses caused by natural disasters, but it the worse in terms of insurance.

According to data from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) Croatia is the leader among the 33 European countries for the natural damage caused between 1980- 2015, when the overall cost averaged 0.2 percent of GDP annually, or twice as high as the European average.

In the period between 1980 to 2015, weather and climate extremes accounted for 92 percent of the total number of reported disasters and about 83 percent of total losses. The economic losses from all natural disasters in the EEA countries amounted to EUR 520 billion.

89,000 deaths have been reported, most of which are caused by heat waves and most influenced by the 2003 heat wave, when about 70,000 deaths were reported.

However, insurance against such natural disasters in Croatia is the worst in Europe. The Croatian Insurance Bureau (HUO) points out that the average insurance premium per capita in the EU amounts to 150 euros, in neighbouring Slovenia about 140 euros, while in Croatia this figure is only about 40 euros. Switzerland, Norway and Austria have the highest insurance coverage per capita in the range of 300 to 400 euros.

According to HUO data, only 6.81 percent of people had insurance against fire and natural disasters in 2017.

There is no compulsory property insurance in Croatia, resulting in a large number of damage to farms which farmers, who are not insured, can’t claim back.