Monday, 20 August 2018
Reduction of fees and red tape could help Croatian economy Reduction of fees and red tape could help Croatian economy Pixabay

Croatian telecommunication companies press for reduction of licensing fees

By  Feb 09, 2018

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, and the biggest telecom company in Croatia, Croatia Telecom, has called for the licensing fees to be lowered in Croatia. Croatia Telekom, owned by Deutsche Telekom, is looking to expand its operations in south-east Europe but are anxious for the government to react and open up the markets more by reducing fees.

Speaking to the Reuters agency Chief Executive Officer, Davor Tomaskovic, said that “I believe that a reform in digital transformation could be one of the important leaps.” And he added that radio frequency licensing fees in Croatia were among the highest in Europe. “Many countries in Europe even offer it for free to boost digital development, while in Croatia the costs reach 10 percent of the value of its fixed line market,” concluded Tomaskovic.

Croatia’s economy is growing steadily and the European Commission believe that there will be another 3 percent growth in GDP this year, with the indicators for 2019 just as positive. On the wave of this positive financial outlook the telecommunications companies are hoping that a decrease in fees and red tape will help them boost salaries and help to reduce the number of skilled workers leaving for other European Union members. It is believed that Croatia Telecom had revenues of 7.65 billion Kuna in 2017.

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