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Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković

Croatia wants Euro as official currency “as soon as possible”

By  Feb 07, 2018

Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, commented in the European Parliament this week that, although Croatia is not yet a member of the Eurozone, it wants to contribute to further the development of the economic and monetary union and to introduce the Euro as soon as possible.

"In June 2017 Croatia emerged from excessive budget deficit and now joining the Eurozone is the strategic goal of Croatia," stated Plenković. According to him, Croatia already meets almost all of the criteria for the introduction of the Euro.

Plenkovic said that all European goals, policies and ambitions required adequate funding and underlined that the planning of the Multiannual Financial Framework should proceed from what the EU wants, highlighting more priority issues from economic growth to security and research and finance.

"The Union must also be a political player in global governance, with defence capabilities, a free trade facilitator, a leader in development assistance, environmental protection and the fight against climate change," the prime minister said in his speech in the European Parliament.

He concluded that Croatia today clearly understands all the added value and benefits that EU membership brings to the country.