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Who spent what in Croatia last year? Who spent what in Croatia last year?

Americans the biggest holiday spenders in Croatia, followed by the Brits and Spanish

By  Feb 06, 2018

Tourists in Croatia spent on average 79 Euros a day in 2017, which is 19 percent more than in 2016. According to results from the Institute of Tourism tourists spent 13 Euros daily than in 2016.

The average spend per tourist in Croatia last year varied widely, according to a few key factors, with guests from the US the biggest spenders at 160 Euros a day, followed by tourists from the UK who spent on average 140 Euros a day, then Spanish at 126 Euros. Interestingly the most numerous tourists in Croatia, in terms of nationality, the Germans were in the group of the lowest spenders, at only 75 Euros a day.

Of the total average daily consumption per person of 79 Euros, tourists spent the most, 40 Euros spent on accommodation, 13 Euros for food and drink and 12 Euros for shopping.

"One of the most important indications from this study is the noticeable increase in other motives of arrivals apart from the sun and the sea. While vacations on the coastline accounted for 55 percent of tourist arrivals, a percentage of those coming for new experiences and experiences is up 31 percent, and gastronomy vacations is up 29 percent. This is what we aspire to, and it shows that other motivations have become more and more important, along with sports, recreation and active holidays, which can be done both in the pre and post season, and thus Croatia is approaching the goal of all-year round tourism," emphasized the Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli.