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The First Lady helping Slovenia tourism industry The First Lady helping Slovenia tourism industry

Slovenia is feeling the Melania Trump effect

By  Feb 04, 2018

The number of foreign tourists in neighbouring Slovenia rose by 17 percent last year but interestingly one of the largest increases was seen in the number of American guests. Around 3.4 million tourists visited Slovenia last year and the number of American tourists increased by a massive 24 percent and the Slovenian media are reporting that the fact the American First Lady, Melania Trump, was born in the country.

Slovenia has also successfully presented itself as a safe and green destination in the heart of Europe that offers the Adriatic Sea, as well as mountain destinations for skiing. In 2017, the country recorded the fourth most successful tourism year on record, in terms of tourist numbers. Melania Trump was born in the Slovenian town of Sevnica, in the south-eastern region of Slovenia, where she started to live in the world, realizing her career as a model before moving to the USA.

melania trump banner slovenia

The billboard in Slovenia reads "Welcome to the region of the First Lady" but appears to be actually advertising an new website 

The foreign public's interest in Slovenia after Donald Trump entered the White House has risen steadily. The image of Melania and Donald has appeared on various items and souvenirs, from calendars to desserts. However, Melania has also used his attorneys, or rather her husband’s attorneys, to protect her brand and banned businesses from using her image for commercial purposes. In spite of this there is a popular strawberry dessert named after the First Lady and even a “presidential hamburger” in Sevnica.

And whilst the number of Italian, German and Austrian tourists rose last year, the biggest increase in Americans is the most impressive.


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