Wednesday, 22 August 2018
But where did President Trump rank? But where did President Trump rank?

What do the Pope, Angela Merkel and Emanuel Macron have in common – Croatians love them

By  Feb 02, 2018

Among the most popular world leaders, Croats traditionally chose the Pope as their favourite.

However, the Pope is not popular only in Croatia. According to a large survey about the most popular world leader carried out in 53 world countries, around 53 percent of people have a positive opinion about the Pope, ranking him the first among world leaders with a rating of +36.

As far as Croatia is concerned, the Pope’s domination in the country is even more striking with a rating of +83, which is higher than in Columbia (+80), the Philippines (+80) and in Italy (+76).

The second most popular world leader in Croatia is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Even though her political engagement is not at its best over the past few months, Merkel scored +38 among Croats. The latest President of France Emanuel Macron, who scored +36, follows Merkel on the list of the most popular world leaders in Croatia.

On the other hand, the American President Donald Trump heads the list of the most unpopular leaders in the world and in Croatia. At the global level, only 30 percent of people think of him as a positive figure, whilst the majority of 56 percent have a negative opinion about Trump.

Obviously the American President and Croatia are not in love because, following the trend of the European Union, the country rated Trump with -56.

The second most unpopular among world leaders is the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a rating of -54.

The position of the Russian President Vladimir Putin among world leaders is very interesting. At the global level, around 42 percent of respondents have a positive opinion about Putin, whilst 39 percent think of him as a negative figure.

The respondents in Croatia rated Putin with +18, placing him in the golden mean among the most popular world leaders.


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