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Above the walled city of Dubrovnik Above the walled city of Dubrovnik YouTube screenshot

VIDEO - From a drone's eye view Croatia looks even more spectacular

By  Feb 01, 2018

The popular YouTube channel Wayfarers highlighted that one of the best ways to see the full beauty of Croatia is from a bird's eye view, or drone's eye view. 

''Croatia deserves to be shown in all of its natural splendour. This drone footage captures some of Croatia's thousand dreamy island getaways, sprawling waterfalls and famed medieval architecture. This architecture is so unique to Croatia that the walled seaside fortress of Croatia's Dubrovnik has been used to depict 'King's Landing' of Game of Thrones'', commented Wayfarers.

They also referred to the continental part of Croatia describing it as an oasis of tranquility, with gentle hills home to age-old forests, vineyards and the Sava, Drava and Mura rivers which shelter the local towns from the summer heat.

''A mere stone’s throw to the north and northeast of capital Zagreb. The region is dotted with romantic medieval towns such as Koprivnica or Varaždin, countryside manors such as Trakošćan Castle and thermal spas perfect for leaving you rejuvenated'', wrote Wayfarers.

In addition, they mentioned that Croatia is also the home to the world's biggest truffle as well as to the world's best sunsets, as claimed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.