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Croatia is a ‘’Royal Holiday Destination’’

By  Jan 31, 2018

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has recommended Croatia as ‘’a royal choice for a holiday’’.

In this year’s first edition of its quarterly magazine ‘’Europe-Visit Europe’’, among 20 European destinations which recommended to visit in 2018, the ETC mentioned Croatia as a royal holiday destination where ‘’a stunning magnetism’’ can be felt.

‘’Our travel experts reveal us ‘’winners’’ among destinations in Europe this year, i.e. those that bring something new in terms of accommodation, different attractions and more, with the conclusion that people have to get rid of wandering and consider advantages of a destination they recommend’’, commented the ETC.

Among these 20 destinations are entire countries, cities and regions. The European Travel Commission experts represented Croatia as a country, which is unique in many aspects, with rich cultural and historical heritage, beautiful beaches, the sea, rivers, mountains, lakes and very attractive and well-visited music and film festivals.

croatia nature beauty 2018

Stunning natural beauty of Croatia 

The ETC experts also emphasized that Croatia offers excellent food and is a country of birth of Nikola Tesla as well as the home to the cravat, the fountain pen and the Dalmatian dog. They also illustrated their recommendation with a photo from Ultra Europe Festival in Split and the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) promotional video with famous Croatian athletes and artists.

Other European destinations recommended by the ETC for this year are Slovakia, Wallonia in southern Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, the Spanish city of Seville, Latvia, Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, Portugal, Monaco, Estonia, the city of Antwerp in Belgium, the Czech Republic and its five cities, Poland, Slovenia, Vienna in Austria, Germany, Montenegro, Greece and Ireland, which they say is the top region for 2018.


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